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You will use one of the many website builders, SiteRubix, to get website no payment required.. This is a website builder based on WordPress. The only thing you need to take care of is to give a name to the website, and the rest you can leave to the website builder, SiteRubix.

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The link to the website builder, to get website without payment, is given below. But before you use it, let me go through the steps of the process, so you know what meets you when you start SiteRubix.


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There are two choices:

  1. On a Domain I Own (for Premium members) and
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The domain name you selected above will be shown in the box in front of “” in the picture above.

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Select one of the 12 themes available, but try not to select something very fancy, with slideshows and variable text etc, because you want the visitors to read your content. They will be distracted by all the fancy effects that can be displayed.

Select a theme with black text on a white background, as this is what is easiest to the eye, and the reader will appreciate it as well. Remember, it is the content that shall keep them on your site, not the fancy effects!

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WordPress Website Editor


WordPress Website Editor

WordPress Website Editor is an important tool on your website, because you are going to produce your content here. Knowing the capabilities and limitations of the WordPress Website Editor is important to help you produce quality content for the audience you are serving.

wordpress website editor

Fig 1

wordpress website editor

Fig 2

Fig 1 shows a screenshot of the WordPress Website Editor. Note that the menu at the left hand side is the WordPress menu, while at the right hand side you find the “Save Draft” button at left top corner of the right sidebar, see Fig 2. 

Next we see a blue text right beneath the title field. This is the permalink (permanent link) or the web address for the post or page you now are writing. This is the address you will use if you want to link to this page or post.  This is also the address another website will use to link to this page/ post. It is important that the permalink is relevant for the content of the post/page you are writing, as this will be part of your search engine optimization (SEO)

.Below the permalink you find a button called add media. By clicking this you enter the gallery pane where you can put in uploaded images to use in your pages and posts.  Below the “add media” button in Fig 1 there is a row of editing symbols, starting with B for bold, I for italic, strike through, and at the end a toolbar toggle.The toolbar toggle will reveal a new row of symbols when clicked, and the full list of edit symbols are shown in Fig 3 below.

Use the “Update” often when you edit a post or page, to ensure that all information is retained in case you loose your Internet connection for some reason. 

wordpress website editor

Fig 3: The full toolbar

wordpress website editor

Fig 4: Nested headings

On the left hand side in the new row of symbols we find the Paragraph drop down box, shown in FIg 3. The paragraph drop down box will give formatting for the headings, six levels deep, to be used during writing a post or page. Using the headings and subheadings correctly will help your ranking in the search engines, your search engine optimization (SEO).

wordpress website editor

Fig 5

In addition to the subheadings from the paragraph we find the underline, straight right column format, character color, paste as text, clear formatting and special characters shown in Fig 4.

Then comes reduction or increase of indent, undo and redo and finally keyboard shortcuts, from the question mark, which is shown in Fig 5.

On the right hand side of the menu you will find visual and text buttons. The visual editor is what we have discussed above.

Clicking the button will turn the editor into HTML mode, givingthe  author full control of the HTML enabling him to include special effects at his hearths content! This requires an author well versed in the HTML and it’s mysteries.

wordpress website editor

Fig 6


wordpress website editor

Fig7: Toolbar for text editor

The toolbar for the text editor is shown in Fig 7. Using this edit obtion the post or page will be showing the HTML codes, and someone with experience with HTML will have full control of the  appearence of the site when it is rendered in a webbrovser.

I will only show the toolbar without going into details about how to use it since I have no experience with HTML.

History of online marketing

History of online marketing

From (D)ARPANET  to Internet

History of online marketing is quite interesting. But to understand the history of online marketing correctly, we need to start with the basis for it’s existence. The start of online marketing was the 3rd of May 1987, with the first email promotion. It has been declared this also was the start of SPAM as well! But I am disputing this conclusion.

But the online marketing did not take flight until the emergence of the Internet. So let’s have a look on this development.

DARPA-net or ARPA-net

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), was In the 1960’s experimenting with a communication network. This network was based on computers connected together. The computers were located in geographically separate areas. Several name changes were seen. From DARPA to ARPA and back again.The current name is DARPA.

DARPA reports directly to the Department of Defense in US.

Universities and Technology Companies

Several University scientists, and engineers from technology companies were involved in these experiments. The conceptual basis for shared networks was developed. This concept was based on using packets of information.This concept is still used today. But the final break through came in 1969 when the first router was built. The router used the concept of shared networks.

Concepts and Technology

The conept of shared networks and the router made ARPANet operational in 1970.  The University scientists took this concept to the civilian world quite immediately, as they always want to have the latest toys and technologies!

Technology we take for granted today, like the touch screen, the mouse and the router, were developed during these trials. Darpa, and the people involved have had a significant impact on the development of technology used by the Internet.

Modest start for ARPA or NSF net

The scientific community and the Net

In the introduction they say that “the purpose of NSFNET is to support scientific research and education in and among academic institutions in U.S. by providing ….”

In other words the “scientific research and education” had priority for the use of NSFNET. This was termed the backbone of the networks in U.S. Below is a screen shot from the NSFNET Use Policy for their Internet “backbone”, financed by NSF (as a continuation of ARPA net).

history of online marketing

Science in charge

Note  point 7 above. It states:  “Use for commercial purposes by for profit institutions is generally not acceptable…” The science community calls the shots.

Access and Tim Berners-Lee


In the early days access to Internet was not an easy task. You had to know how to use Unix. This was the operating system used by most scientific computers connected to the Internet at the time.

The protocols of connection were also quite cumbersome. Often it was the local talent who wrote the interface. This frequently resulted in problem(s) logging in and sharing content. Because there were no standard protocols.

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee proposed to make a browser in early 1989. The work was done when he served at CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire – The European Nuclear Research Organization).

The first successful test, using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), connecting computers over the Internet was done in late 1989. He called his system: the World Wide Web. Later the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was established. He is the Director of W3C, who is controlling the further development of the Web.

Today Internet and W3C is one and the same thing. But in the early days the Internet was the interconnected hardware (computers, wires  and routers),. The World Wide Web was the protocols and information management systems. Now these two are one and the same – the Internet.

history of online marketing

Tim’s Editor — WorldWideWeb. Ref:

Web Browsers

The first web browser was WorldWideWeb, developed by Tim Berbers-Lee and published in 1990. It was written on a NeXt computer, developed by Steve Jobs. This computer had a user friendly windows interface, with powerful development tools. The user interface was a windows interface. But Steve Jobs were too early with this powerful concept and the company folded.

WorldWideWeb browser

The WorldWideWeb browser was developed for the Unix. It is shown in the screenshot to the right. Many elements of a modern browser can be seen. However, it could not display inline graphics.

Tim Berners-Lee believed that a true graphical browser would make access to the Web easier. He asked several Universities in the world to propose for their students to develop a browser with inline graphics. Four students at OTH -the Finnish Technical University – took this on.


Erwise was developed for Unix  by 4 students at OTH  in 1992. The browser is the first to show inline graphic, had a word search box and could load several web pages, opening in new windows.  The name is a pun on the name of the University – OTH-Erwise or otherwise! Unfortunately the development of the browser stopped when the 4 students got their diploma and left the University for their new jobs. A screenshoot is found here.


This was also a graphics browser. Here is how it was presented on the homepage at the time (1993): “Viola is a toolkit for hypermedia development, publishing, and browsing. It is basically a toolkit consisting of a scripting language, a graphical user interface, and an object-oriented data storage system. ViolaWWW is an application of the Viola toolkit.”  .

As ErwiseWWW this was also developed by students, based on the Viola toolkit from University of California at Berkley. A historical database exists, even though the browser is no longer active. A screenshot of the main browser is here.


The Midas browser was the third browswer developed for Unix. It was published in the summer of 1992. The purpose was mainly to distribute the physics research from the Stanford Linear Acceleration Center (SLAC). The Center is tasked with research on physical response of matter using X-rays, high energy light. SLAC report to the Department of Energy


The Lynx browser was a text only browser and it is still maintained and are in This browser was used for fast access to information from the Internet. It can be used on old hardware like the 286 and 386, and still provide excellent results from the search.

history of online marketing

The Lynx text browser of todaybe used on old hardware like the 286 and 386, and still provide excellent results from the search.

From the Lynx manifesto (1998/08/23) the introduction state:

“Enough’s enough. The World-Wide Web promises a new way to let people communicate. But too many Web designers are being bewitched by “multimedia” – they load their sites with gigantic graphics, embedded sound clips and animation. There’s nothing wrong with that, as far as it goes. But increasingly, these Web designers are forgetting to include Lynx, one of the first Web browsers, in their HTML code.”

My comment: include text for the alt-tag as well as a brief description of the image, as they are teaching in the training from Wealthy Affiliates. But not all web designers seem to follow this advise.        


Mosaic was not the  first graphical browser when it  was introduced in 1992, and it was not even the best. But it could be freely downloaded from the servers of National Center for Super Computing (NSCA), and it was easy to install. In addition the developers gave 24 hour support, meaning that any question posed would be answered within 24 hours! (Some service providers can learn from the oldies!)

This resulted in increased use of graphics on the websites. The first version of Mosaic was for Unix, but it was soon ported to Windows and Mac computers.

Due to the intuitive interface and the graphical capabilities it becane a very popular browser. It made it easy for anybody to go online, so this increased the content online. And when the versions for Windows and Mac cane out this increased online activity exponential.  A screenshot of Mosaic.

This was the basis for the commercial NetScape browser. But this is a different story, and I will in a later post review the history of browsers and the browser wars.

Commercial network enters Internet

Commercial network providers like MCI, Prodigy, AOL and Compuserve entered the ARPA-NSF net in the early 1990’s, and thus Internet was established. The Internet became a main stream phenomenon when the browsers made it easy for anybody to connect to the Internet. This happened in the early 1990’s.


These commercial networks had, since early-mid 1980’s, offered electronic messaging services, Bulletin Boards and Newsgroups. Some of them, like AOL, Compuserve and Podigy also offered email services.

Private users could register an account (around $ 100-200 per year). But they could only send messages to members of their network, not across to other networks. This improved when the commercial networks entered the internet, where they got access to the HTTP protocol. We could say that the history of online marleting started with email services, but unfortunately the first attempt on email marketing was SPAM! Or was it?

The fact: An email were sent, targeting 400 of the 2600 users of the ARPA net directory the 3rd of May 1987. The email was sent by Gary Thuerk, and was quite relevant for the target audience.

Gary was a marketer for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), and the email was an invitation to attend the open house when DEC launched their new DEC System 20 family of computers! No hard sell, only information about an upcoming ‘open house’ event where they could try the products and get more technical information.

Some of the recipients, however, were annoyed by the receipt of the email. But was that based on their understanding of the “Acceptable Use Policy” sited earlier. rather than being annoyed becase they did not ask for this information?

Then there were others that contacted Gary back and asked for more information – they kind of opted in – according to the rules today! Therefore, in my opinion we should at least consider this a tie – especially since the ground rules were not laid down at that time.

Gary tried to provide these people with relevant technical information! And some of the recipients kind of opted-in by asking for more information. I will therefore argue that email marketing really started the history of online marketing!

Another question is: “How did Gary get hold of 400 names from the ARPA net user list?” It is a mystery, as this was one of the best guarded secrets online – because it was mil-spec!

The history of online marketing

It did not start immediately due to lack of marketers!

The history of online marketing did not start quite yet (except for email marketing), even if the commercial networks were connected to the Internet. This is likely because most marketers seemed to ignore the commercial networks, and their services. They believed that online services can not help promote the products or services from their companies!

This belief was even held by Microsoft. They focussed on their Windows operating system and the Office programs. Thereby dramatically neglecting the impact of the Internet. They did not see how the history of online marketing would pan out.

Online publication

The first online publication was: “The Whole Internet User’s Guide and Catalog”, published by O’Reilley & Associates in September 1992. This introduced enhanced features like formatting, scripting, graphics and embedded applets, based on using the ViolaWWW browser and HTML, described earlier.

If you go to O’Reilleys website of today you will find a print book that is called – you guessed it: “The Whole Internet User’s Guide and Catalog, 2nd Edition!”

Global Network Navigator (GNN) and HotWired

O’Reilley & Associates launched Global Network Navigator (GNN) in early 1993, as the first information and online market place.

The website had the following headlines: GNN News (free), GNN Magazine (ads), The Online Whole Internet Catalog (free), The GNN Marketplace (or GNN Direct) and Navigator’s Forum.

The free web catalogue was a forerunner for directorty services like Yahoo that came later. The first advertisment on the GNN marketplace was done by the lawfirm Heller, Ehrman, White and McAuliffe from Silicon Valley, a timely and appropriate endorsement!

HotWired introduced the first rotating and clickable banner ads online in October 1994.

This started a veritable rush of visitors to these sites. GNN had 150,000 visitors and more than 30,000 registered subscribers weekly in 1994. The subsccribers seemed to increase by approximately 10,000 per month.

At the end of 1994 GNN had more than 45 companies that were selling their products and services online – the mainstream history of online marketing was started!
GNN become very successful and was sold to AOL in 1995. AOL at the time had 2 million subscribers, and GNN was one year later closed and the subscribers were given included in AOL.

Watershed moments

A watershed moment in the history of online marketing is the introduction of technology or services that impacts the view of online marketers and customers alike. This often changes their behavior!

In the following I will try to point out what I think are the main watershed events in the history of online marketing. This will not be based on experience but mainly on my own limited research in relation to the topic.

The basic events are listed below. A bried explanation will be given for each event. Some that occured the same year will be treated under a main heading.

email marketing – 1983

HTTP & HTML – 1993

Yahoo – 1995

MSN – 1995

Amazone – 1995

Google – 1998

Dot com bubble – 2000-2001

Google Adwords – 2000

Facebook – 2004

YouTube -2005

iPhone – 2007

Facebook Open Graph – 2010

Email marketing – One of the pillars in the history of online marketing

I have already discussed the start o f email marketing in 1989 with Gary’s email to the 400 in ARPA net members. Weather or not SPAM was born I leave as an open question. But email marketing’s power was illustrated at that May day in 1989.

And to this day email marketing is still one of the cornerstones in online marketing. Therefore, it is any online marketers duty to ensure that he / she start building their email list as soon as they start to get traffic to their website or blog. “The money is in the list” as it goes.

HTTP and HTM – Central for the history of online marketing

Tim Bernes-Lee’s contribution to the Internet revolution cannot be fully understood. But without the development of the Hypertext Transfer Protoco; (HTTP) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) the conncetion of computers that were the Internet, became an operationa unit that could be used for commercial purposes. Without these break through technologies the history of online maketing would have been totally different and there wiold likely not have been a unified world wide web. And the history of online marketing would have beed quite short.

The -95-ers

Amazone – Leading the way in the history of online marketing

Amazone started  their affiliate marketing network in 1995. But, as a matter of fact Flowers and Gifts.was started in 1989 on the Prodigry network,  by Tobin. He had conceptualized the idea of affiliate marketung and in his model he paid a percentage  to the network he were hosted by. That  earned Prodigry 5 mill dollar by 1993!

The way Anazone do business online has been a main influence on all online marketing. The history of online marketing would not be the same s without the impact of Amazone. Many online marketers earn their full time income as affiliates, or Associates, as Amazone calls them.

Amazone started selling ebooks, but soon expanded into consumer gods.  Amazone has also made an integrated model where the buyer get next day deli

the product he/she buys delivered.

Yahoo – In the history of online marketing

Yahoo has been primarily a directory serve, and being listed in Yahoo in the early days of online marketing was very important. This gave prestige to your site, and wwhen visitors found you listed there they would often click trhrough to your site.

You had to post a request to Yahoo for a review of your site. Then a review was done manually by a person from Yahoo. If you passed their criterion of content quality your site would normally be registered, even if your internal structire was not top notch. Being listed with Yahoo was very prestigeous, and it normally  gave you a lot of free traffic from Yahoo.

Their importance has dwindled lately, as they have had problems all the changes of online marketing, with the social contract between Social Media sites have with their visitors.

MSN – Microsoft’s failure in the history of online marketing

MSN is a web portal for different online services for Windows and Windows devices. It  was launced at the same date as Windows95 as an online support to the Micresoft Windows products.

Because Microsoft  had their eyes mainly on their Windows products they did not follow up the online marketing activities during the early  years. MSN has been linked with Hotmail (now Outlook), messenger (now Skype), search (now Bing), news, sports and entertainment.

Here is how Microsoft presents MSN in search now: “The new MSN, Your customizable collection of the best in news, sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health, and lifestyle, combined with Outlook”

They still seem to run  in all directions at the same time! That’s probably why they are playing cath-up online now.

Google and Goggle Adwords – a break through in  the history of online marketing

PageRank and backlinks in the history of online marketing

The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergei Brim started  their PhD researchat Stanford University in  1995. The theme of their research was to explre the mathematical properties of the Internet, thereby how to classify the relevance of a website (an URL)..

Their hypothesis was that number of backlinks from other relevant sites would be a good measure of a sites relevance. This is merely analogue to what is done with academic papers – the more your aricle is cited the more relevant and prestigeous it get!

The results they got seemed to confirm their hypothesis. The web page with the most backlinks would be the most relevant for a given search.  Search engines at the time only counted how many times the search term were found on the page. The delivered result could be highly irrelevant since the “author”often stuffed the site full of keyword. This make the content totally irrelevant for people.

To classify pages relevance  they wrote an algorithm they called PageRank, based on backlinks. Early tests started i 1996, from the home page of Stanford  as It soon turned out that the searches from their site got more relevant results than other search  engines at the time. The domain name was purchased on 15th of September 1997, but the company was not incorporated until September 4th 1998, in the garage of one of their friends from University, Susan Woijciki.

The algorithms for PageRank have had many updates since this start, mainly to fight back against ‘black hat’ SEO procedures, so  today most of these shady methods will not work. Or there will be an update of the algorithms to eliminate the  methods if they should be successful.

This were the start of content marketing.

Adwords in the history of online marketing

When Adwords was introduced in 2000 it was a revolution for on;ine marketers. Together with the search engine Google could deliver customers searching for the keywords your website  built around,  in real time! AdWord has become Google’s largest source of revenue.

With Adwords it means that you get targeted visitors to your site, and this will give much higher conversion than other type of traffic. Because of this Adwords  is a very competitive medium. Since you pay for your ads you need to be very careful when you start a campaign, or else you can loose your shirt!!

Adwords come in many flavours: pay per click or cost per click (PPC or CPC), cost per action (CPA) or cost per thousand (mille) impressions (CPM) advertising.

In the start the ads were only text, with a headline of 25 characters, and two lines with 35 characters each in addition to a display of the URL of the website promoted. This was to keep fast loading times for the website. Later Google has added images and banners that can be used in the ads.

YouTube in the history of online marketing

YouTube was established in Feburuary 2005 by three prior emplloyees of PayPal, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. They provided a site were people could easily up;oad videos to share with the world. I became immensly popular and relatively shortly were ranked as the 5th most popular site by Alexa! There were all sorts of videos, silly, fun, surprising as well as serious information.

With the massive number of visitors it quite rapidly became a target for online marketers, so YouTube has become THE website to present any marketing video. This became an important step in the history of online marketing.

Due to the massive traffic Google purchased YouTube in 2008, keeping it as a separate brand outside the Google environment, but it still contributing to Google’s revenue.

Facebook in the history of online marketing

When Mark Zuckerberg was a student with Harvard he made a website called Facemash. It was a site where students could put two pictures side by side and then decide whe where the ‘hottest’ of the two. To populate the site with photos he hacked into Harvard’s server and downloaded the face photos used by the University for the stidents identificatio

He was nearly expelled for this stunt, but nothing came off it, and he continued to develop a website for students at Harward to keep in touch. He called it When the site went live it was posted to one of the fraternity houses at Harvard, and within 24 hours there were 1200 sign ups. Within a couple of weeks nearlyThis new  all students at Harvard ha d registered.

The site was then opened for students from other Unverisites and soon all Universities in US and Canada were members. The site was later opened for the general public, and now they have more than 1.5 billion registered users. On a daily basis they have more than 1 billion user on aaverage, with 80% of these on SmartPhones!

The most significant contribition from Facebook to the history of online marketing is the introduction of the like button. This has made people less reluctant to express their like for posts and pages of their friends and aquaintances. They also expresses their like for company pages on  Facebook. This has established a social contract between the users and Facebook, allowing Facebook to use this information in later promotions.

iPhone and Smart Phones in the history of online marketing

When the iPhone was launched in 2007 it was an event that opened the Internet to users that earlier did not have online acess. This is espcially true in Africa. The phone was powerful and easy to use and people could  do many of the things a laptop or a desktop machine was needed for earlier.

After the launch  of the iPhone there came a flurry of other phones with similar capabilities, most of these phones were run of the  free Android operating system from Google. But Micreosoft launched their own phones, after purchasing the phone production from Nokia, and powered  these with  Windows – and called it a Windows phone. All the other phones are jointly called smartphones.

Also users with prior online access changed their behavior, with many of them accessing Internet using theur smat phone or tablet rather than the desktop or laptop computers. marketers.

This channel will increase in importance as the smartphones and iPhones get more processing power. This will result in a shift towards the smart phone as the main device used to go online, see the statistics from Facebook mentioned over.

Our websites must therefore be tailored for the smart phone revolution, so the consumer, the visitor will have a positive experience on our website. If you are using a WordPress template for your website it will normally be OK.

The most significant effect of the introduction of the iPhone and Smart Phones is the new sales channel that has been introduced.

Also worth noting is that according to Nilelsen data online consumption on the Smart Phones are today higher  than for PC’s.  Tjis is a significant trend marketer need to n0te!.

In a leter post I will discuss the Smart Phone development and some of the current best sellers.

Facebook Open Graph in the history of online marketing

Open Graph is actually building on the concept of the like button, but now any website, being a company or a personal website can include a like button of their site.

The like information goes back to Facebook where they actually can build a profile of your likes, both related to personal and company websites. A marketer can actially place a like button on all his products and in this manner can determine what is the most popular product, all in real time!.

This will over time change how we will do marketing online and it will become one of the most powerful marketing tools for the future!

Summary and Conclusion


It started with the development of military communication networks (DARPA – ARPA net) in the early sixties,  that morphed into the Internet in late 1980’s, over a period of twenty years.

There you have it! – The history of online marketing started with the first unwanted (SPAM??) email in 1989, and really took off after the HTTP protolcol and HTML were introduced in 1991.

A couple companies GNN and HotWired, now defunct, were instrumental in starting the massive growth of the Internet, and they are key components in the history of online marketing. HotWired was also instrumental in introducing measure of effectiveness of ad campaigns.

The Dot Com bubble that burst in 1999 to 2001, resulted in many of online companies that were established on speculation went banlrupt. The companies that survived this onlaught, like Cisco, Amazone and Google anchored to the Internet, while Microsoft and Apple also had a rough time although their main assers were not on the Internet.


After the dot com bubble we have seen an exponential growth on the Internet, and the history of online marketing has been following this trend. We see that the Internet has become more open and this allows serious individuals to take part in the trillion dollar industry the Internet has become. And we can compete even with the big companies, if we apply smart marketing strategies and ensure we focus on the “low hanging fruit” in the search sengines.

The companies leading the further development of online marketing will be Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Facebook  and Apple  from the US while companies like Baidu from China will become more prominent as they enter the markets in the west.

For the future development of online marketing, however,  it is believed that the ‘Open Graph’ from Facebook may be the most significant asset going forward.

Finally  I have left a video from the mid 1990’s, showing how the Internet was evaluated then.  Grab a cup of coffe or any other brew you like and take your time looking trough this — it is a stepping stone in the history of online marketing!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, and I will get back to you!

To YOUR success!

Rolf K Bratli (rolfkb)

I’m on a journey to online success!  Will you follow and we travel together

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the box below.


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 2016-01-12         12 Comments

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To start an online business for free is a dream for  many of us, you maybe one of them, since you are reading this now. Keep reading!

A reality check

I am here to help you start an online business for free, and keep it on the right track. And as I said – without any out of pocket money! But that is not going to happen using one of the”become rich quick” offers that you so often come across on the Internet these days!

Most of these offers are too good to be true,  and believe me, they normally are!  You should not fall for these scams and pay your hard earned money just to be disappointed in the end, having bought another product that did not work out as promised! I know, I have been there and done that!

These programs often promises to turn your computer into an ATM, and you will be able to legally “print” money using their “secret formula” to unleash the floodgates of cash from the Internet!  Get real fellas, there are no such secrets!

YES! start an online business for free

I will tell you again for FREE:

There is no secret formula to earn an income online!

It is based on knowledge and hard WORK – yes I said WORK, not using “the secret formula”!

But you will be rewarded with a viable long term business in the end,

if you let me help you start an online business for free; – the right way!

I’m sorry to ruin the illusion, but you cannot sit idle on your  sofa and do nothing, only pushing the  “get rich quick” button, and see the money  flooding your account! If it was that simple everybody would be online millionaires!

So why should YOU believe me? I stated –  start an onlie business for  free; I will show you HOW!


Do I have any credentials as a successful online marketer to give you advice how to start an online business for free? My honest answer is: NO, I don’t! I am on a journey to online success as an apprentice! But start an online business for freeI am also here to help others to start an online business for free, and started the right way. Therefore, I  still stand by my statement above”start an online business for free”. This because I have found a company that offers FREE training and two hosted websitesr,  for budding online marketers like YOU and me!

The site is owned by two online  marketers,  Kyle & Carson,  with more than 13 years of full time experience online. The company was started in 2005, and has more than 10 years operation now! That’s exceptional in this industry, so they must do something right! I’m on a journey to online success! Follow me, and we take the journey together!

Training and two websites – all FREE

start an online business for freeTheir philosophy are very simple;  they offer the basic training modules; – the first consisting of 10 module  Entreperneur Certification course, giving you all you need to start an online business for free,  providing the fundament in any niche you want

There is also 10 modules called  Affiliate Bootcamp,  focused on promotion of the website as an affiliate.

They also throw in two FREE websites,  hosted on their servers.  You get 12 free themes for the WordPress websites. After you have selected theme, decided what your business is all about to give it a name, the website is built in less than one minute. Voila, you are online with you first WordPress site!

In addition, all tools required to run an online business, and so much more training, are available inside the log in aream. And they don’t ask for your credit card!

Any viable online business need a butiful website, to enable you to communicate with your online audience – your niche! This is a collection of like minded people that go online to find solutions to their problems or to satisfy their wants and needs. Your role as an online marketer is to help your audience – be of service. If you solve their problem or satisfies their wants they will notice you and likely come back for more relevant quality information.

There is also a paid option  that gives access to all courses and hosting of unlimited websites!


But the cherry on top is the community you find here! It consists of  ten thousands full time  online marketers,  that willingly shares their experience to help us start an online business for freenewbies over the hurdles we meet during our training to become certified successful online marketers! And the owners are active in the community and they may even help you on a one-on-one bases, as they have done for me.


start an online business for freeFree membership give  you  access to 20 training modules; 10 for online Entrpreneur Certification  and 10 for Affiliate Bootcamp. In addition you get two (2) websites hosted on their server, all FREE! And you can continue to stay as a free member and run your online business hosted on their optimized and secure servers for WordPress websites. And you can also promote the site as an affiliate


Paid membership are available, which give  you the keys to the castle — with a multitude of training modules, weekly webinars, hosting of unlimited websites and anything else you may think you need to run and expand your online business.  The sky is the limit!

Both memberships will give  direct access to the two founders, Kyle & Carson from time to time!




You will always have direct access to me if there are obstacles you meet during the training, and I will help you out as much as I can, as I am still in training :-) ! But remember, if I don’t know the answer to your problem the community will help us find the solution!

NOTE: If you at a later stage decide to become a paid member I will get a commision from that transaction. But I will never ask you to change your status, that is a decision YOU have to make, based on what you find at the site.

l will  be here to help you your start an online business for free, and keep it on the right track. But to develop your business YOU have to invest time in yourself by followng the training and taking action by using what you learn! Because an online business (website) needs to be built, one page at the time!


To YOUR success!

Rolf K Bratli (rolfkb)

I’m on a journey to online success. Do you want to follow?

If you have any comments or questions please leave it below.


Build website using WordPress

 2016-01-10         6 Comments

Build website using WordPress

Build website using WordPress, since the foundation of any online business is the website!. Without a website – no business!

With todays technology it is easy to get a butiful website up and running in no time.You don’t need to design the website in HTML, PHP, Perl or any other of these acronymes you see in relation to online technology. Now there are several automatic website builders available online, and several of them are freely available. I will use SiteRubix, the website builder Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has designed for their members.

I will show you how easy it is to build website using WordPress. The site resulting is very functional. The website builder SiteRubix is built on top of WordPress. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) members use SiteRubix to build website using WordPress.

This  is also a Content Management System (CMS),  and therefore about 30% of the world’s online population build website using WordPress.

I will give you a link to the website builder at WA, and you can build website using WordPress yourself, to see how easy it is! And the resulting website is your’s for free. This website is hosted on WA’s servers – also for free.

In addition I will give you a link to the homepage of Wealthy Affiliate, who give you the free website and hosting as well. Here canyou learn how to set up your new website you built using WordPress, so your online entry can happen in style!

But before I give you these links I will give you a brief overview how to build website using WordPress.

Build website using WordPress and SiteRubix

Let’s look in more detail how to use SiteRubix to get a butiful website built,  based on WordPress. I will first show you the process using screen shots, and then I will give you a link where you can build website using WordPress used as a blog or a site, hosted for free with WA. By the way, the screenshots I have made is made by MonoSnap, a free tool that you can find a link to at the end of this post.

But before  I give you the link to the sitebuilder, let me step you through the process, which will take much more time than the actual build website using WordPress. When you click on the link I’ll provide,  you will get a screen that look like the screen shot below.

build website using WordPress


The only thing you need to do here is to give your website a name. If you plan to start a business you should take some minutes to determine what’s your passion and select a name that reflect this.

If you only want to blog about what’s on you mind any time of day select your name like rolfsblog. This is not very inventive so use your immagination and come up with a snazzy name!

When the selected name has been accepted by SiteRubix  push the blue button “Build My Free Website!” and off you go! You come to the page.shown in the screen shot below.

build website using WordPress


You are now in the website builder and is ready to build website using WordPress – your very own free website! You see that you are locked into the “Free Website” option on a Siterubix domain.”” is the main domain for free websites  on the WA serverS. “your name” is a subdomain of

You will also see that the blog or website has a name like this: The domain and subdomain is like folders and subfolders in the File Explorer on your computer.  I will discuss these concepts in a  later post.on the site.

Let’s get crackin’. Get your theme for the website and push “I’m Ready Build My Website Now!” and the site will be ready in less than 45 seconds! This depends on the load on the WA’s server at the time you build website using WordPress

To do this explaniation has taken much more time than it will take for you to build website using WordPress. But before I give you the link I will show you the last screenshots, and what you need to do before you are ready to start blogging on your newly created website. I show you the login to my own blog, that I actually built to make these screenshots.
build website using WordPress


This is the login screen for the blog. I have already pushed the big button on the left hand side saying : “Log On Now”, which opens up a new window called “Your Website Administrator Users”. There is only one user on your website, admin, like on my blog above. The login is authomatic, so when you click the Login Now button you get logged in to the WordPress Dashboard. The reason for having this two step login procedure is that you can have more than one user for the web site, and each will have their own log in name and password. In this manner several people can write posts to the blog.  The passwords are created authomatically for security reasons.

Finally — Here is the link to the website builder.

But since you now have a free website hosted with Wealthy Affiliate, why don’t I give you the keys to the castle? Then you can take Wealthy Affilate for a real spin.

What do you say?

Are you ready to start your journey to online success?

Here you go — this is the keys to the castle, the whole enchilada… 

I will see you on the inside!


To YOUR success!

Rolf K Bratli (rolfkb)

I’m on a journey to online success!

How about you – will you follow?


And here is the link to MonoSnap as promised!


If you have questions or comments please post them below.





Wealthy Affiliates Training- progress report 2

 2015-12-26         4 Comments

My Wealthy Affiliates training

I have now been on my Wealthy Affiliates  training for 12 days. In this time I  have been through the basics for level 1. As a welcome to the Wealthy Affiliates training  they gave me the illustration below. This shows the process how I should earn money online.

wealthy affiliate training

This seems a little simplistic! But when the  Wealthy Affiliates training  starts, the different pieces fall in place. The simple statements given above make sense. It all comes down to one primary message: – serve quality content to the community in your niche, and you are successful online!

The reason for this is simple. WE, online marketers, are helping the search engines provide quality content. If they don’t have quality content to offer their users they will be out of business!  So there is a clear relationship between the online marketer and the search engines.  The marketer deliver quality content. The search engine deliver readers (visitors) to the quality content. This is a win – win situation for both parties!

From 1st lesson in the Wealthy Affilliates  training I got two very valuable advices :

  1. Never  be afraid to ask questions
  2. Take action and do what you learn

wealthy affiliate trainingThis has helped me when going through the lessons from the Wealthy Affiliate training. When problems problems struck I   have asked for help. Both the instructors and the Community have been very responsive. They have always returned with answers and encouragements! This make it easy to follow up and completing the tasks from the  Wealthy Affiliates training! To get this far I have been through 10 lessons from the Wealthy Affiliates training (and some of the webinars, see below: My achievements from Wealthy Affiliate training ).

I have summarized some of the highlights  I got from the Wealthy Affailiates training:

  • how to buy a domain name (not required, but I selected to do)
  • selection of a niche for my website
  • learned to do keyword research
    • a topic that will need maturation from experience
  • selected a theme for my website;
    • this is how the website will be organized and how it look on the web
    • I may select to change the theme at a later date,  when I have more content on the site.
  • built my website using SiteRubix, the automatic site builder for WordPress (WP).
    • Try it out yourself and get a free website that is hosted on the Wealthy Affilates server!
      • you build the website in 30 seconds after selecting the theme and giving the name for the website
    • the content management system (CMS) for my site is WP – a snap!
  • setting up the website and activated the installed plug-ins for the WordPress website
  • how to optimize the WordPress used as the CMS for my site, including how to organize the menu structure of the site
  • made ny first report about training in Wealthy Affiliates
  • installed a privacy policy for the site
  • installied webmail for the site

I decided to select as my niche to talk About Online Business in general.  I want to help as many new online marketers as possible to avoid all the “get rich quick” scams online. By getting proper advice and training their online business will start on the right track. To establish an online business will take time and dedication. Done correctly it becomes a viable and long term BUSINESS.

My achievements from the Wealthy Affiliates training

This leads up to next level of the Wealthy Affiliates training, which is the information about the traffic to  and monetizing of the traffic. This will be interesting to understand. But I will continue to provide relevant content toWealthy Affiliates training my website, while I follow the Wealthy Affiiates training. The information from my training will help me add quality content to my site. Ranking in the search engines will be the result. I really feel I have achieved something with my Wealthy Affilates training! The next part of the Wealthy Affiliate  training includes how to monetize the traffic from the search engines and more in depth information about content creation.

Before I forget, after 5 days I decided to go premium. I saw all the benefits provided in premium. There are live webinars every week. A backlog of such webinars as well, which will allow me to quickly grasp the basics of online marketing. There is no doubt that this is my “online home”, where  I can “earn while I learn”. I can now host 25 domains I own and 25 free domains, totally 50 domians (!) on the WA servers.

At this stage of the Wealthy Affiliate training I have been encouraged to put my website up for review. I am supposed towealthy affilates training review at least 2 other websites from other folks here. This is both folks in Wealthy Affilite training and established Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate. This is a fantastic service were I expect to get valuable critisism that can improve my website and can put me on track to online success!

I will end this progress report by talking about the Community and networking in Wealthy Affiliates. During these 12 days I have got a network of103 following me, and I am following these individuals. Also, both founders of Wealthy Affiliates are in my network and have both posted messages of encouragement. They have also sent private messages (PM) to provide help for me. And I have several mentors in my netork, providing help using PM. This has given me extra lift and energy to complete the tasks assigned by the Wealthy Affiliate training.

YOU can start YOUR  journey to online success by joining the Wealthy Affiliates training. It is FREE and you will NOT be asked for a credit card.Here is a personal invitation for YOU to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate training. Remember, Wealty Affiliate training has been round for 10 years. They must do something right!

To YOUR success

Rolf K. Bratli (rolfkb) – on a journey to online success!

If you have any comments or questions post them below and I will get back to you.





Online business no charge


Online business no charge asked

Is it an impossible task to startonline business no charge asked  in todays business climate? You will normally believe that it will be impossible to establish an online business no charge asked. I am certain that I can show you how to build an online business no charge asked.  But it will take time, hard work and a lot of ‘elbow grease’!

So where or who can help you build an online  business no charge asked?

If you enroll in the courses offered by Wealthy Affiliate(WA) you will be allowed in for $0.00! With this ‘enormous’ entrance fee you get access to two basic courses, each with 10 training modules, a total of 20 modules of training about online marketing. In addition you get two free websites hosted at WA’s servers.

This  give you the required knowledge for starting an online business no charge asked. But do I have  any credentials as a successful Online Marketer? No, I am just starting out, but read on and let me explain!

The key is training!

You see, I have enrolled with Wealthy Affiliate and have started on  a journey to online success. By going through a set of  training modules I am learning how to become an active and successful online marketer. This is what I want to share with you and other  budding online marketers. I want to help you start your own successful online business no charge asked! .And it has nothing to do with the latest fads that try to sell you their “magic button”  online business no chargeor their “super secret formula” that will allow you to become a millionaire in no time flat! Where your computer becomes an ATM machine, allowing you tolegally print money on demand…

When you see such statements, which you know  is too good to be true, it is normally NOT TRUE! Don’t go this route, it’s a dead end you will spend a lot of time and money and come up empty handed!

How to become a successful online marketer – the right way

Online marketing is actually quite simple (a NEWBIE with confidence…:-); — you find a market, a niche, which in reality is a bunch of people that have special needs or interests. To find information about their needs and wants they will put search terms into the search bar of Google, Yahoo or Bing and if you make content targeting their seach terms (keywords), you can provide them the relevant quality information they business no charge

These people will come to your web site repeatedly, and you can promote solutions (yours,  or other’s products as an affiliate) to these peoples needs and thereby make money! To summarize: online marketing — build a website,  do keyword research, publish content, get visitors and make money !

Challenges for new online entrepreneurs (newbies)

OK — this is an oversimplification, as the technical hurdles for new online entrepreneurs are many, like building websites, find hosting, determine their niche, do keyword research, write content and on and on…it is quite confusing without proper guidance.

Who will be your guide?

So shall I be your guide? That’s what I’m training for, but even though I have  basic understanding of online business at this stage there are too many aspects of it I do not master. But fear not, I am inviting you to join me in MY online home, Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

And remember, it is totally free and you will never be asked to spend any money for tools or upgrades. This is a decision you have to take yourself, based on what you experience when you access the website of Wealthy Affiliate.

You will get online business no charge asked, based on two free hosted websites. Based on this you can build your online business no charge asked. And the training is fantastic!


An upgrade to Premium is available, and you can get a discount of 59% if you upgrade  within the 7 first days at their site. But remember, this is an offer and in no way an obligation. You have free access to the training and the websites, so focus on the training at this stage.

And if YOU find that WA is delivering to YOUR satisfaction, then consider the upgrade, and remeber — the decision is yours to make!

I will always be available for questions and discussions of progress, or providing help whenever you get stuck.  And if I am not able to help I will bring in the Communty, and you can draw on them to get over the hurdle. Therefore,  you will always have the support you need to become a successful online marketer — just take action and start trying the concepts you learn in the basic  training at WA.

Your first actions when you join WA should be:

  1. Upload a photo of yourself and
  2. Make a brief description to introduce yourself to the Community

You will get a warm welcome from many of the WA community, including myself. And your Bonus from me will be your  gift for taking action on this free offer!

Join me (for free!)  in my quest, and we will make the journey to success together!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

To YOUR success!

Rolf K Bratli  (rolfkb) – on a journey to online success!

If you have questions or comments post them below.








Wealthy Affiliate Training

 2015-12-18         4 Comments

Wealthy Affiliate Training Intro

Hi there, this is my first post after I made my web site yesterday during Wealthy Affiliate training. Today I will only express my elation for having achieved to get a web site up and running after 4 days, without knowing HTML, Java, jpeg or any other of these ackronymes I really don’t understand, and don’t care to learn either!

Hmm. maybe there could be some benefits learning this stuff as well, but not right now – does that sounds better?  The bottom line is: Wealthy Affiliate training is structured, simple and possible for all to attend and become successful – even for an oldfart like me :-) ! Again: Wealthy Affiliate training is SIMPLE!

Wealthy Affiliates Training 

I am currently in  what they call Basic level on my Wealthy Affiliate traiing, at 5 of 10 lessons. This mean that I am at the bottom of the heap, so the only way for me is up! By the way, there is aWealthy Affiliate training Community here as well.  They welcomes you and are ready to help and encourage you by sharing their knowledge with you. And they will never charge you a dime.  Even if you get Premium they stand by, provide advice and offer help to ensure that you succeed online!

Before I forget, you will also get two free websites, that is hosted at WA’s  server. And they have a super simple system for building your web site — you fill in the name you want, then you select a design for the site and hit “build my site” — and voila your site is ready! And you get twelve different designs you can select between, or themes as they call them when you are a free member..

Getting the website using SiteRubix

Wealthy Affiliate trainingAnd everything was very easy, so even an old guy like me could manage! This says loads about the offer from Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Believe it or not — the Wealthy Affiliate training was all free. I did not need to bring out my credit card at all, and I am provided all the training I may need to get through this with my wits with me!

The automatic website builder, SiteRubix is super simple to use, try it out yourself! If you do you get 2 FREE websites,hosted at Wealthy Affiliates server. This is not one of the “Get 3 websites FREE”, and when you try it you have to pay for 1 year hosting! It is really FREE – so try it!

About me

Oh, yah I have also committed an “About me” that can be found on the upper right hand corner.and my  name is Rolf K Bratli, I am Norwegian  and 70 years Wealthy Affiliate trainingyoung.  I’m living in Abu Dhabi (not Dubai!) with my Chinese wife Xiumei, among friends Mei, with our son John Richard. I have been a consultant to the Oil and Gas Industry,  but now is the time to find a new direction, since there are still too much energy left to park me in the rocking chair yet!

I am interested in sport, as long as I am only watching! I have become a couch potato lately, but I am steadily  promising myself to start walking for half an hour every day. This may be one of my New Year’s resolutions, but don’t tell!

But right now I will get back to my training, and tomorrow I will report back with my new discoveries! Stay tuned!

[Update Friday January 1st 2016, @ 8:27 in Abu Dhabi]

Another New Years resolution will be to write  relevant and qualiry posts and pages for Later I may make some blogs on a couple of free accounts I now have as a Premium member.

Further more I will try to become an active member in WA’s different fora, by contributing and helping if that’s within my capacity, If not, I will encourage the new members coming to WA, as the best part of this is not your own success but to see that you have assisted some one that then blossoms and become successful. That’s the best part of being a member of the awsome Community in Wealthy Affiliates!

So what are you waiting for? Here is a personal invitation to become a member of this training See you on the inside!


To YOUR success

Rolf K Bratli (rolfkb) – on a journey to online success!